Spaghetti Packaging Machine

These machines were built entirely of stainless steel are fitted with vacuum pumps, which ensure the reliability and long life.

Spaghetti Packaging Machine

Pasta is a popular product that has a huge variety of shapes and types, as well as presented in the premium segment, and in the budget version. The equipment of the company "BASIS", for the packaging of pasta, is designed taking into account the specific characteristics of the product and the specific goals of the customer

Suitable for the packaging of many types of long-cut pasta, K.P Automations offers a high performance horizontal packaging machine. The perfect combination between the two-scale weigher and the feeding chain ensures a continuous supply to the flow-pack, optimizing the production performances.

The packaging of the long-cut pasta

Spaghetti, vermicelli, linguine… there are so many types of long-cut pasta, each one with special needs during the production and packaging phase. K.P Automations has studied specific horizontal packaging machines in order to ensure product integrity, without compromising the speed, planning pasta dosing units specific for extruded product through bronze dies or for long-cut pasta with uncut top side.

The customization possibilities of our equipment allows us to offer not only simple pillow bags for long-cut pasta, but also ad hoc solutions for handicraft productions. In combination with the horizontal packaging machines for long-cut pasta K.P Automations offers a full range of accessories for the product feeding.

Bags suitable spaghetti packaging

The core of the weighing system contains the technology developed to produce the MMT multihead weighers in order to combine high precision and very low weighing times. The machine is fully motorized with brushless and stepper motors in order to obtain precise and high speed movements and to minimize the power consumption.


  • special feeding conveyor 1500 mms. in length, suitable for long pasta with double chains, internal blades, product gliding plane in stainless steel and penumatically-running paring device made in plastic material;
  • driving unit composed of couple of wheels and longitudinal welders;
  • cross welding by impulse-operating bars mms. 300 in width;
  • variable bag length;
  • reel-holding support protruding from the bottom, max width of film mms. 600;
  • outcoming mat 1000 mms. in length;
  • device enabling to stop the machine when welders are open;
  • optic eye device for centered-printing;
  • ink-jet printing device;
  • electric control panel manufactured as per the CE standards - Volt.380/400 - 50Hz- 3ph.
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