Research & Development

The path to the perfect package is best taken as a team, with experts each leading the way through their specialty. Our process includes Market Development Managers who specialize in product markets who are up on current trends in the packaging, and guide the entire project. They also collaborate with our supply chain partners to bring you new ideas and cutting edge technology. Our Research and Development team creates customer-focused innovation by continually testing new materials, inks, coatings, adhesives, and more. Once they determine the best material and specifications for your product, they will continue to provide field support throughout the transition.

Manufacturing flexibility has never been as important for industry as it is today. In a world of interconnected devices and smart factories, the ability of a manufacturer to innovate and adapt to its customers’ requirements is vital. For many manufacturers, the road to innovation starts with R&D.

Many of the products K.P Automations manufactures are made in small batches for specific customer requirements. The ability to develop, manufacture and support bespoke solutions puts K.P Automations at a significant advantage in the market. However, the conditions are more competitive than ever and to ensure our solutions are price competitive, we have to be able to explore through simulation and testing all design possibilities.

Developing our in-house R&D capability allows K.P Automations to adapt its product range, meaning that when a customer gives us their product specifications, it's likely that we already have a close fit. Expanding the product range isn't the only positive outcome of having an onsite R&D facility.

R&D is recognised as an important factor in economic growth and balance. R&D can easily lead to highly valued technologies, strategies and designs for your company that could be the origin of potential value when considering sustaining a competitive advantage.