Penne Production Line

Dry pasta processing line specificaly designed for short-cut pasta. it is composed of different steps, each of them featuring a dedicated technology which guarantees a final product with the desired characteristics, thanks to a perfectly studied combined action.

Dosage and Press

In the mixing tank the slowly rotating paddles mix the ingredients until optimal hydration is achieved, allowing the gluten matrix to form. The whole process from dosing to extrusion takes place under vacuum at a temperature of 40-45°C.

Cutting Units

This machine cuts all short-cut pasta shapes and is suitable for the installation of the device for cutting “penne” pasta shapes; this is equipped with an automatic centering/positioning system for the cutting discs.

Shaker pre - dryer

Pasta is surface-dried with hot, dry air in order to prevent sticking. The temperature of the pasta is raised to 70°C.

TAS HP dryer

The machine is enhanced by TAS technology, and by a ventilation system designed to allow air to flow through the product layer.

The dryer is completely isolated from the outside environment and all air inflow and outflow is strategically managed to improve the production process.

The maximum temperature reached is 115°C with stabilization zones at 77°C and an average residence time of 120-145 minutes.


Automatic air cooling units that lower the temperature of the pasta to 20-25°C and prepare it for the packaging stage.

How penne is made?

  • The press is selected depending on the raw materials used in the production: durum wheat flour, soft flour, a mixture of soft and hard types of flours
  • High quality dough is ensured due to its preparation in deep vacuum conditions
  • A wide range of penne is produced due to the use of interchangeable dies and spinnerets

KP Automations guarantees high-quality penne

  • Getting high-quality penne is a difficult process. There are many details that determine quality at all stages of production – from dough preparation to stabilization of ready-made penne.
  • High-speed mixing at the inlet ensures perfect hydration of the raw materials, fully moistening each particle of flour.
  • Mixing of the penne dough in a vacuum condition throughout the whole process ensures high-quality of dough. At the same time, besides air removal and compaction of the dough, the glassiness of the products improves and the roughness decreases, the darkening of dough does not occur.
  • Installation of filtering mesh and grate, individual for each extrusion die, ensures the correct shape and length of penne.
  • The use of the low-temperature drying technology with the delicate removal of excess moisture from penne allows avoiding the appearance of cracks in the production of thick-walled penne.

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