Pasta Silo Storage System

The storage silo is an autonomous and self-supporting cell that is usually installed in series.

Pasta Silo Storage

When it comes to combining maximum storage volume with the minimum space requirement, K.P. Automations compartment silos are the ideal solution. They are constructed vertically so that rolling short goods can be stored in the smallest possible space. In addition, we adapt the height, volume and layout of the silo compartments individually to your production plant. Large and small product quantities of all types are perfectly at home in our "giants".

It features a strong painted carbon-steel frame that houses plastic-laminated plywood or stainless steel panels. The silo has a variable volumetric capacity depending on the model, and is set up according to the client’s requirements. Walkways and ladders complying with relevant safety standards provide access to the top for inspection.


  • ‘Covered panel’ or ‘monolithic’ (no-bolted parts) type short pasta storage silos (different types of coverings), made completely in stainless steel;
  • ‘Movable bottom’ silos for storing and placing particularly delicate products in silos;
  • completely automatic loading systems;
  • interior helical silo descender devices;
  • vibration and/or belt extraction systems in different customisable configurations;
  • automatic transport of short pasta using bucket conveyor and/or belt conveyor system;
  • shaker calibrators of different sizes and sorter packaging system;
  • automated process with management from control panel with PLC and PC supervision system with possible MES interface.


  • Spiral chutes prevent product damage
  • Complete emptying is guaranteed
  • Variable removal system for maximum flexibility
  • Customized machine design
  • Simple maintenance and long working life
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