Pasta Pre-Dryer

Machine designed to dry the product surface and remove humidity to lower water activity and increase product shelf life.

Pasta Pre-Dryer

It is usually placed after the pasteurizer to dry the product with hot air, with a customizable percentage of humidity. It is constituted of a single treatment belt that feeds the product while the two ventilation systems dry it superficially. Once the product exits the pasteurizer it is humid on the surface and the Predryer allows to dry it and prevent that the products stick to one another.

The ventilation system is composed of a battery functioning with steam and ventilators controlled by inverter for the heating of water used during the treatment. Humid air extraction system managed via PLC.

The treatment plans are independently controlled each by their own inverter, in order to have a more flexible regulation.

In order to ease the washing process, the machine features a stainless-steel structure and rinsing ramps to reduce machine washing time. The bottom panel is inclined on the sides to drain washing water. Openable lateral panels hinged for accessibility.

The first pre-drying phase is important to retain shape and colour of the product: this occurs thanks to correct ventilation and efficient heating device This pasta machine is essential to first surface treatment of the product in order to avoid sticking and retain shape, brightness and colour. Suitable for short pasta, gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini and cappelletti. The different regulation systems which this pasta machine is equipped with enable the highest versatility and use in all fresh or dry pasta production fields. Built in stainless steel with insulated panels, dismountable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

All models are equipped with:

  • electronic variator for vibration intensity;
  • regulation of treatment temperature and regulation of cycle duration;
  • linking ventilation flow with modular ventilation system hot/cold;
  • upon demand special constructions are made.
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