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This product is the perfect macaroni maker that you can find. Just put in all the ingredients and witness the magic in front of your eyes.

Key Features

This machine is highly appreciated in the market for its impeccable designs and flawless finishing. Being one of the leading Macaroni Making Machine Manufacturers In Delhi, K.P Automations has become the most preferred destination to get efficient solutions for the food industry. Our Macaroni Making Machinery is one of our most popular products as many restaurants and cafes have benefited with its excellent performance.

  • Easy To Operate - The first and foremost thing that people need in automated machines is the ease of using it. We offer exactly that in our machines.
  • Consistent Delivery - Consistency is a big asset in business and this machine helps you in being consistent with your product.
  • Durable And Reliable - You won’t need to buy these machines once you get your unit from us. Reliability is the main quality of our products.

Why Us

K.P Automations is recognized as one of the most appreciated Macaroni Pasta Making Machine Manufacturers In Delhi. This machine is designed to ease different operations involved in making pasta or macaroni. Whether you’re starting a new pasta production business or looking to expand your existing business, our machines can be a valuable addition to your endeavour. Our Semi-Automatic Macaroni Pasta Making Machinery is known in the market for its peak-performance and unmatched reliability. The production technology of our machine is adapted to modern standards. If you’re looking for a great macaroni pasta making machine, choosing this product will be your best choice.

  • High Quality - The final product will be of the highest quality and we believe that’s what matters the most.
  • Hygienic - Our machines are compliant with all the hygienic standards as well as standards of safety.
  • Grade Raw Material - We use only grade raw materials in manufacturing our products to ensure the reliability and durability of these machines.

How macroni is made?

  • The press is selected depending on the raw materials used in the production: durum wheat flour, soft flour, a mixture of soft and hard types of flours
  • High quality dough is ensured due to its preparation in deep vacuum conditions
  • A wide range of macroni is produced due to the use of interchangeable dies and spinnerets

KP Automations guarantees high-quality macroni

  • Getting high-quality macroni is a difficult process. There are many details that determine quality at all stages of production – from dough preparation to stabilization of ready-made macroni.
  • High-speed mixing at the inlet ensures perfect hydration of the raw materials, fully moistening each particle of flour.
  • Mixing of the macroni dough in a vacuum condition throughout the whole process ensures high-quality of dough. At the same time, besides air removal and compaction of the dough, the glassiness of the products improves and the roughness decreases, the darkening of dough does not occur.
  • Installation of filtering mesh and grate, individual for each extrusion die, ensures the correct shape and length of macroni.
  • The use of the low-temperature drying technology with the delicate removal of excess moisture from macroni allows avoiding the appearance of cracks in the production of thick-walled macroni.

6 reasons to buy macroni equipment from us

High-quality product

Reasonable price

Wide range of products

Round-the-clock operation

Individual solutions for each customer

After sales warranty and service

Our macroni equipment provides

Long service life

Work in any climatic conditions

Low maintenance

High energy saving

Compliance with safety and hygiene requirements

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