Pesident's Message

I take pride to set up a dialogue with you for bringing up to date the journey of K.P Automations, the pioneer pasta manufacturing plant in India.

Since its inception in the year 1999, the company is continually advancing to meet the vision of being a role model industry, following the organizational values which are deeply embedded in its DNA.

We are moving forward with dynamism, guided by our vision for the continuous development of one of the most competitive industrial companies, with a strong presence in several key sectors of global economy.

We take great pride and pleasure that the company K.P Automations has attained impressive and sustained growth over the past decade. I would like to express my personal gratitude to all our partners, business allies and customers who have shown full confidence in us. It is the confidence bestowed on us by all the partners that empowers and inspired us at every steps in our operations.

We are an organization that operates at highest standard of quality, purity, managerial and operational skills. We are a company founded entrepreneurs aimed at achieving success through delivery of high quality products to most discerning global customers.

K.P Automations is an emerging group in home and abroad markets and in line with the global growth strategy. We have always implemented new initiatives in sales and marketing, manufacturing supply chain, research and development. We constantly aim at enhancing our market share through “Value Differentiation with Customer Satisfaction”.

Once again, I would like to express my greatest appreciation for the continued support from the farmers, trade business partner, suppliers, business associates and the potential customers. I am sure that together we can take K.P Automations to create highest value pursue with the productive team.

K P Yadav is a widely traveled individual and has a strong conviction that all business leaders of today need to have a global mindset and outlook. He has been conferred with several awards and honors for his pioneering efforts in shaping the contours of the Indian Packaging Industry.

If is growth what you want, be the mover of change!!!
K.P. Yadav, President